Succulents & Friends has a wide range of succulents for sales. We have the perfect plants for your needs – Come and visit us in Sunnybank Hills today!

Home Nursery

Based in Sunnybank Hills, we offer a relaxed shopping environment with our home-based nursery. We are Australian owned and operated.

Here to Help

We provide exceptional service and offer support and information on how best to care for your plants. We are ready to assist you today.

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At Succulents & Friends, we are passionate, maybe crazy about Succulents. We established our business with a focus on delivering healthy succulents that will bring you joy and happiness.

Grown with Love

We carefully grow our succulents to ensure they are healthy when you purchase them.

Customer Service

We offer support and information on how to look after your plants to ensure they remain healthy.

Established Plants

We only sell succulents that have established roots, minimising the chance our succulents will die off.


Succulents & Friends has a wide range of plants for sale, with new items arriving every month.

Types of Succulents

Chinese Dunce Caps

 Pink Jellybeans

Snow White Panda Plant

Graptosedum – Nova