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Add a touch of colour in your garden.

Local Succulent Seller in Brisbane

Is your garden too green, add a touch of colour with our succulents!

This time of year, we see a lot of succulents taking on beautiful changes in colour as the seasons begin to change. If your succulent collection is heavy in green, why not add a splash of colour to spice things up?

Succulents can take on unique colours as the seasons change. You can get deep red to purple colours showing, some colours show up in unique patterns, such as spotted colours across the leaves.

Now is the perfect time to add some colour to your garden or succulent pots.

At Succulents & Friends we have a wide range of succulents at various price points. We add new stock on a regular basis and love talking succulents with our clients.

We take pride in the succulents we sell, ensuring that they are healthy and ready for a new home. If you live succulents and looking to top up – then Succulents & Friends should be on your must visit list.

We are available seven days a week and have booking slots available that cater to most clients’ needs.

Looking to start your succulent collection, or add new succulents to your garden?

Our succulents are priced based on the type of succulent, age and size, and other factors. We also have a range of succulents in hanging pots at different price points.

If you are looking to build your succulent garden, arrange a time to visit Succulents and Friends.

We are based in Sunnybank Hills and you can book a time to view our succulents by booking via our online booking form, or call us on: 07 2103 4485.

P.S. Stock and prices are subjected to change daily.

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