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Succulents – the perfect gift this Christmas!

Struggling for Christmas gift ideas this year?

Want to give something a bit different from the usual gifts?

With Christmas fast approaching, deciding on the perfect gift can be challenging. This year let you creativity run free with Succulents.

No matter if you are buying for a friend, loved one or someone you work with, succulents are the perfect Christmas gift.

No matter if you buy a succulent on its own, or purchase a cool and cut pot to home the succulent, there are so many options that create unique Christmas gift ideas for the people around you.

With so many cool pots available on the market, no matter the interests of the individual, there will be something out there for them. Simply buy a groovy pot, buy your succulent and pop the succulent into the pot. You’ve created the ultimate and unique Christmas gift this year.

Why stick with boring gifts when you can give a gift that the person will become attached to and is truly tailored for them and their interests by buying the right pot for them.

If you are a succulent enthusiast, or new to the wold of succulents, Succulents & Friends has a range to assist you on your succulent journey.

We have succulents. Prices vary based on the size, age and type of succulent.

We are based in the Sunnybank Hills area and love succulents. With a great range of succulents that are great value, Succulents & Friends should be your next stop.

Succulents & Friends, a home based in the South Brisbane area.

We are based in Sunnybank Hills and you can book a time to view our succulents by booking via our online booking form, or call us on: 07 2103 4485.

P.S. Stock and prices are subjected to change daily.

Now is perfect to fill your garden with Succulents, the easy to manage and maintain plants.

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