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Beautiful new succulents just arrived.

Limited stock available – get your succulents today

We have a number of exciting, beautiful and healthy succulents just arrived for sale. We have limited stock of the succulents, so make sure you snap them up, before others do.

Some of our new limited stock available:

  • Aeonium Sunburst
  • Aeonium Big Bang
  • Echeveria – Curls Crested
  • Echeveria – Gilva Crested
  • Echeveria – Agavoides
  • Echeveria – Zorror
  • Echeveria – Blue Curls Compact
  • Echeveria – Time Out
  • Echeveria – Black Knight
  • Echeveria – Pink Frills
  • Echeveria – Exotic
  • Echeveria – Curls
  • Pachyphytum Oviferum
  • Graptoveria Acaulis
  • Graptoveria Moonglow

We With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to build and grow your succulent garden. Succulents are easy to look after, water-wise and look beautiful as part of a coordinated garden design.

Succulents & Friends, a home based in the South Brisbane area.

We are based in Sunnybank Hills and you can book a time to view our succulents by booking via our online booking form, or call us on: 07 2103 4485.

P.S. Stock and prices are subjected to change daily.

Now is perfect to fill your garden with Succulents, the easy to manage and maintain plants.

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