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New Succulent Stock – November 2019

Succulent & Friends has some exciting new additions to our range for purchase. Some stock may be limited, so arrange a viewing soon in South Brisbane.

  • Aeonium atropurpureum bronze in 13cm pot
  • Crassula exilis cooperii in 8cm pot
  • Crassula springtime in 8cm pot
  • Echeveria chroma in 13cm pot
  • Echeveria Liliac Spoon in 13cm pot
  • Echeveria minima in 8cm pot
  • Echeveria potosina in 8cm pot
  • Haworthia limifolia in 8cm pot
  • Haworthia limifolia in 8cm pot
  • Kalanchoe eriophylla aka Snow White Panda Plant in 13cm pot
  • Pachyveria exotica Powder Puff in 13cm pot
  • Portulaca variegated sunjewels in 13cm pot
  • Sedum Tricolour in 9cm pot
  • Senecio haworthii in 8cm pot
  • Variegated sedum in 9cm pot

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