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Sedum Gold Mound (Sedum mexicanum)

Limited Special Offer: two plants for $3.00

Sedum Gold Mound (Sedum mexicanum) is a beautiful succulent that looks great in pots, hanging baskets, ground covering or garden beds. The succulent is easy to look after and grows quickly during the spring/summer season, quickly spreading across the ground or garden beds.

Sedum Gold Mound is also known as Sedum Gold Moss & Sedum Gold Blod, to name a few. It develops into lime green needles and will have star-shaped green flowers. It’s the perfect succulent to add a dash of colour to any garden.

Succulents & Friends are running a limited special for “two” Sedum Gold Mound (Sedum mexicanum) for $3.00. The Sedum Gold Mounds are set in black 10cm wide pots.

NOTE: Stock is subject to availability and price changes. Sedum Gold Mound is currently $2.00 per plant (08 10 2020).

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Sedum Gold Mound (Sedum mexicanum)

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