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Limited Succulent stock - Only Four trays

Succulents for Sale for $1.00 (Limited Range)

For a limited time at Succulents & Friends, a Succulent Nursery based in South Brisbane, we have a select and limited range of succulents for Sale for only $1.00.

At our succulent nursery, we have four trays of succulents for $1.00 each. A limited range is available for $1.00, and at this price, the stock won’t last long.

Arrange a time to come and view our limited $1.00 stock and our more extensive range of stock starting from $3.00.

Based in Sunnybank Hills QLD, Succulents & Friends are available seven days per week.

Stock available as of February 2020.

Arrange a time to visit Succulents & Friends

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