Types of Succulents

Orostachys iwarenge
Chinese Dunce Cap

The Chinese Dunce Cap is a beautiful succulent that looks great in any pot, hanging basket or garden patch. The Chinese Dunce Cap is a green to lavender coloured succulent and is cone-shaped rosettes.

Plant a Chinese Dunce Cap is a larger pot and watch it grow and produce long stems that produce additional rosettes. Over time, your pot will be full of rosettes that look beautiful. The succulent is easy to propagate.

During the winter period, the succulent goes into a dormant stage and could look like it’s dead. However, it will bounce back in the spring season.

The Chinese Dunce Cap is an outdoor plant. Due to its beauty, people attempt to keep them indoors – unfortunately, they usually don’t survive.


You can expect the succulent to grow up to 20cm tall.


Perfect in pots, containers and rockeries making it a great garden design option.

Sun Exposure

Full sun exposure is required for the Chinese Dunce Cap to thrive.


The Chinese Dunce Cap tolerates dryness. Keeping the soil aired and well-drained is best.

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